This is my life<3

some aspects yes, some others hmm maybe not

….Why are these people so fucking stupid. Wow.
Okay so here is how it really goes:
He goes to college and works.
She goes to college and works.
They study together and split the bills.
His hobbies are catching up on sleep because he studies too hard.
Her hobbies are catching up on sleep because she studies too hard.
At night they watch movies.
She points him in the direction of the kitchen when he asks for a sandwich because she doesn’t believe in stupid gender roles.
They do cute things for each other when the other is tired: i.e. and not limited to back rubs.
They talk about how amazing and inspiring the people that they know are.
He tells her about how respectful, nice and accepting their friends are of their relationship.
She tells him about how respectful, nice and accepting his friends are of their relationship.
They laugh together.
They have hot consensual sex.
Days off are spent exploring new adventures, talking about life, holding hands and doing stuff like:
Getting coffee and talking to interesting people that they run into.
Eating at restaurants and getting to know each other on a deeper level.
Go to a bookstore and make up random stories.
Go to a movie festival.
She wakes up and is the big spoon when cuddling. He tells her he loves her and expects nothing in return. Because gender roles are stupid and sex is consensual.
She doesn’t pretend to like things she doesn’t like. If she doesn’t like video games and sports, that’s okay because he may not like going to the hair salon or the store.
There is an expectation of respect, fidelity and love that they both are aware of and they respect. 
They do get jealous and argue sometimes, but they are able to work it out.
They don’t mess around with arguments and just simply establish a fair system of what they should both do for each other and for the house.
They’re a dynamic team. A couple.
They compliment each other and live for themselves but enjoy each other’s company.
They’re not fighting the world together, they’re trying to change it.
And that, bitches, is how it’s done. Fuck the sexist ass list created above. Stop acting all stupid like it’s “cool” that you don’t give a f*ck and you’re clearly not thinking of a long term relationship. Because it isn’t going to be cute waking up to your girlfriend/wife going down on you or having her play video games with you when you’re 70 years old and you’re using LifeAlert.  


HAAHHA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Universal Pot Rules

the truth if I ever seen it